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Get to know Flowtep

An emerging independent artist not willing to miss his second chance, Flowtep has entrenched his career with authenticity and musicality, making him one of the distinctive sounds in the industry. Rendering his personal inventory of laughs, tears, internal struggles, and survivor mindset, Flowtep has certainly earned the designation of a refined artistry. "I make music that people can feel and connect with, whether that's five people or five million, it pushes me knowing somebody can connect with something I wrote." Opines Flowtep.

Flowtep thought he had left it all behind in favor of raising his children and settling down. But Like a spark ignited, with encouragement from family and friends. Flowtep's faded musical interests blew up, marking his comeback finely exhibiting masterfulness through releases such as " Homeward," "Gravity," and " Starkiss". 

Flowtep's potent and varied emotions evoked through his emotionally charged lyrics entice listeners, and behind it, his artistry with the pen is unmissable. The experiences lived and reflected in his creations, particularly the whimsical wordplay, molded Flowtep into the artist he is today, pushing musical boundaries with innovatively produced tracks. 

More eminently, the proficiency in audio engineering and various musical instruments enhances the richness of Flowtep's music, making them resonate with listeners no matter what life is serving them at the time. With an unbeatable brilliance for hip-hop, and R&B, Along with the facets of his eclectic musical tastes, Flowtep gracefully builds his style, encouraging fans to be a part of the long career ahead of him. Stay tuned! This is just the beginning of an avant-garde musical journey!


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